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Sports, Entertainment, and Risks

Thousands of men and women risk injury every single day in stadiums and ballparks, on soccer fields and on tennis courts. For the love of the game and for our entertainment, these brave athletes perform amazing feats of strength, speed, and dexterity, knowing that there is a chance they could get seriously injured. Brain injuries in particular have been a hot topic in recent years, with concerns about the safety of playing football making headlines worldwide. Most fans looking to buy tickets to sporting events where they could witness such injuries are aware of the risks; in fact, the intense and violent nature of the competition is a big draw for sports such as boxing, wrestling, and mixed martial arts. To prevent injuries, precautions are put in place to ensure that no long-term damage is done to the athlete, such as high-tech helmets, padding, and rules that penalize playing "dirty" and intentionally injuring opponents. Fans interested in securing tickets to the next big game should explore the risks of their favorite sports, including what can happen when the "worst-case scenario" comes true. There are many talented medical professionals worldwide studying this complex topic.

Brain Injury Association of North Carolina's Resource List

The Brain Injury Association of North Carolina has this interesting collection of concussion-related resources and links.

Going to Buy Tickets for the Big Game? Read About the Risks Players Take

Author Dixie Coskie shares this list of resources for those interested in learning about the effects of brain injuries.

Brain Injury Association of Durham Region: Brain Injury Info

This Ontario-based group shares useful links related to brain injuries, including a parent's guide to brain injuries in sports.

Recommended Brain Injury-Related Links From a Pro

Medical professional Kayle Sandberg-Lewis includes this page on her website featuring recommended links and books for anyone wanting to learn more about brain injuries and neurofeedback.

Before You Buy Tickets, Check Out These Links

Brain Injury Services of Southwest Virginia offers this site full of information and resources about brain injury recovery, rehabilitation, and various related foundations.

Brain Injury Association of North Bay: Links

This site features links to Canadian resources, including Brainweb, an online community for people who have suffered a brain injury.

Before a Fan Explores How to Save on Tickets, They Should Read This

Saving Young Minds has several valuable links about sports-related brain injuries, including resources for parents and educators.

Many Teams Require Concussion Training Before Fans Buy Tickets and the Season Begins

This is a good example of a league that makes concussion training mandatory.

Acquired Brain Injuries Affect Adults and Children Differently

This article details how the brain develops until humans are in their 20s, so brain injuries affect younger people differently.

Plan to Buy Tickets to a Football Game? Learn About the Risks Players Face

Dr. Raymond J. Petras compiles a long list of interesting links related to sports psychology, injuries, and concussion treatment.

Helpful and Informative Resources

Learn about brain and spinal cord injuries and other important concerns with the help of this page.

You Buy Tickets to the Championship, and a Star Player Is Seriously Injured: What Now?

What happens when an athlete is disabled? This long list of links provides information for families of people with physical disabilities, including information regarding wheelchairs and other assistive technology.

The Sussex Acquired Brain Injury Forum: Links

This UK-based site offers up a few links to resources that help people with brain injuries find the services they need.

Fans Don't Think About This When They Buy Tickets to College Games

Nursing homes aren't just for the elderly. The Australia-based Young People in Nursing Homes is a national alliance helping young people who have been forced to live in nursing homes due to brain injuries and other physical disabilities.

The Next Step Foundation

Here is an Arizona-based foundation looking to help raise money for families forced to pay for health care following traumatic injuries.

Want to Buy Tickets to NBA Games? Do Your Research

Basketball players risk serious injury as well, even though the game is considered safer than football. This site recounts how one fan saved money on Knicks tickets.

Save on Tickets to Broadway Shows

Ticket shopping isn't just limited to sports! Fans of Broadway musicals can use this site to find discounted tickets.

You Can't Buy Happiness, But You Can Buy Tickets to the Things That Make You Happy

This blogger has Broadway fever! This blog entry recounts what she will miss moving from Brooklyn to Denver. Buying Broadway tickets online is high on the list.

Orlando Tourist Tips

Visitors to central Florida can find deals on tickets using this site.

Fans of Colorado Basketball Can Easily Save on Tickets

This page details how fans of the Denver Nuggets and the Colorado Avalanche can get a good deal on tickets to upcoming games.

Ticket Companies and Podcasts Team Up

Fans of podcasts and fans of discounted tickets have this show in common. "Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend" is sponsored by several companies, including one offering low prices on tickets.

West Point Directorate of Cadet Activities: Broadway Shows

Cadets at West Point can use this site to learn how to save money on tickets to Broadway shows.

Reduced Admission to Shows at Baruch College

This is a site for students who want to attend a production at the Weissman School of Arts & Sciences at a reduced price.

Stony Brook University: NYC Entertainment

Here is a site that lets students at Stony Brook know how to buy tickets for a variety of events in New York City.

Rutgers University Offers Discounted Broadway Tickets

Alumni at Rutgers can check out this site to browse for discounted tickets to Broadway shows in New York.

St. John's University: Experience New York

For heavily discounted Broadway tickets, students should turn to this site, which also offers tickets to sporting events.

SUNY Downstate Employee Ticket Service

SUNY Downstate employees have a pretty sweet corporate benefits program. This page helps them access discounted tickets to a number of events.

Boise State Offers Broadway in Boise

Want to catch Broadway-style shows in Idaho? This site has the information Broadway fans need.

Hofstra University: Things to Do in NYC

If you are a student at Hofstra, this page has a helpful list of NYC attractions, including free Broadway performances.

Texas Performing Arts Ticket Information

Students can save big on shows put on by Texas Performing Arts. This site shows how much cash they can save just by showing their student ID as well as the value of a ticket package.

Barnard Discounts

Former students of Barnard College have several opportunities to save money when buying tickets. This page lists a few, including discounted tickets to Broadway shows and NYC arts events.

Pittsburg State University Ticket Sale

Full-time students, staff, and faculty at Pittsburg State took advantage of a special season ticket sale for its "Best of Broadway" series. This story details how the discount was offered.

The Morris Performing Arts Center

This Indiana venue features concerts and touring Broadway shows. Fans can use this page to find out about upcoming events and purchase tickets.

William Paterson University Ticket Outlet

If you attend William Paterson University, you can use this site to buy tickets to several venues, including shows at Radio City Music Hall.

Roadrunner Central at Ramapo College

A one-stop shop for students at this college in New Jersey, Roadrunner Central sells tickets to movies, campus events, and Broadway shows.

Iowa State University: Iowa State Center Ticket Info

Attending a production at Iowa State University? This site has a seating chart and contact information for the box office.

The Dynamics of Pricing Tickets for Broadway Shows

This article goes into detail about how theaters decide what to charge for Broadway shows.

Miller Auditorium at Western Michigan University

This site is the home page for all productions at the Miller auditorium. People can use this page to buy tickets to a wide variety of shows.

Givens Performing Arts Center: Broadway and More Series

Here, you can find all of the information you need regarding theatrical productions at the University of North Carolina Pembroke.

An Empirical Study of Factors Relating to the Success of Broadway Shows

This article from the American Statistical Association explores whether or not a given Broadway show will succeed.

Broadway Back Together: Adelphi University

Broadway medley shows are popular at universities across the country. This site provides information about one such show, including box office info, at Adelphi University.



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